APR Intro Session on Video

Last June 5th, the accreditation chairs from PRSA Miami and PRSAFTL got together online for an intro video conference on how to become Accredited in Public Relations (APR). Here’s a recording of the session, “Five Steps to Lifelong APR”, by Annabel Beyra, APR and Victor Aimi, APR. Read on for a few helpful links to get your APR journey started:


Five Steps to Lifelong APR:

  1. Apply: use this form and pay $385 (PRSA Miami and PRSAFTL members get reimbursed in two parts once they pass the panel and the exam)
  2. Study: here’s the study guide
  3. Panel Presentation: start by filling out this questionnaire for your panel
  4. Computer-based examination: once you pass the panel, you can take the exam at one of dozens of examination sites near home. These are some sample questions. And we now have a live demo of the test!
  5. Maintenance: use this form every three years to stay accredited

Remember to ask for help! Email Annabel, Victor, or accred@prsa.org with your APR doubts, concerns, and needs.

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