Board Member Highlight: Amy Goldberg

Amy Goldberg serves as one of our four Directors and leads the Communications Committee as the Communications Chair. She is the Marketing Manager at Conceptual Communications in Fort Lauderdale and has been a member of our chapter for a couple of years. As a huge advocate of recycling and being passionate about the environment and keeping our planet clean, one of Amy’s favorite campaigns was the City of Wilton Manors’ recycling campaign. The campaign reached the 12,000 residents that live in Wilton Manors and further educated them on proper recycling and its benefits.

One thing that she is glad that she did in her career was participate in a crisis management workshop, which later prepared her for working through a crisis with the City of Parkland over the last year. It’s a piece that hits close to home for Amy as she was able to help her hometown through a tough time.

Amy receives her news through Twitter, since she is able to follow many news outlets that cover everything from politics to celebrity gossip. She is able to stay up to date on different topics like current events, pop culture, trends and more. It’s the easiest way to gain a lot of information in a short amount of time.

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