How to Crush It on Camera

On July 19, 2018, PRSAFTL was joined by Dave Aizer for a session of “Media Training Tips & Tricks.” Aizer is a host, head writer and executive producer for South Florida’s CW affiliate, WSFL-TV, as well as a media coach, public speaking coach and on-camera coach. Some attendees remember him as the host of Nickelodeon’s hit game show “Slime Time Live.” He distilled his years of experience to just “5 keys to glory”:

5 Keys to Glory

Aizer’s approach is based on thorough preparation, followed by a confident, high-energy delivery. He advised to focus spokespeople on what’s unique in their content, making sure they select the talking points that are most relevant to the audience of each piece. He emphasized the importance of using B-roll, pre-recorded video segments that can be inserted, with the speaker as a voice-over, to illustrate the main takeaways. He also recommended having an “active rehearsal,” or the actual recording of speakers as part of their prep. Once it’s time to perform, Dave explained that it’s crucial to keep spokespeople free of distractions, arriving well in advance, and never stressing them out with additional advice just before going on camera: all the tips and talking points must have been covered beforehand.

A couple of attendees then sat with Dave for mock interviews. There was no preparation this time, but participants quickly showed the value of sharing a story to connect with the rest of us, sharing something new about their lives. Dave was an engaging host, and even left a flier to remind us of the importance of being ready for our next time on camera.


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