Ultimate Software’s Darlene Marcroft Discusses Company Culture & PR


In April, Darlene Marcroft, Vice President of Public Relations and Communications at Ultimate Software, spoke to attendees about the importance of employee communications and culture, and how it creates positive PR for Ultimate Software. The central belief at Ultimate is “people first,” which is also their company’s tagline. Their understanding is that when companies put “people first,” they can all achieve greatness. In other words, taking care of your employees is taking care of your business. This model has led Ultimate to be FORTUNE’s winner of “Best Company to Work for” seven times. “Devoting lots of resources to keep employees happy will keep shareholders happy, which will grow and improve the business,” says Marcroft. “Companies that have great culture are more profitable.”

So how does this outstanding mindset of company culture and putting your employees first benefit Ultimate’s PR? Turns out, “people care more about culture than they care about compensation,” Marcroft states. When word gets out about how amazing it is to work at Ultimate, the applications come flooding in. They are known for their flexible, supportive, “people first” workplace, which makes the company a favorable choice for job seekers.

Darlene offered five tips to find out how your current employees view your company’s culture and how to build off of that feedback:

  • Help HR articulate the story. Provide employees with engagement surveys a few times a year without overwhelming employees with too many surveys
  • Identify relevant stories. Ultimate Software’s 401k plan and sports-focused culture are a few topics that the media will cover
  • Share the good stuff. Promote your company’s success and use your culture to show a competitive edge
  • Get involved. Integrate community activities into your culture. Giving back to the community can be a team building exercise
  • Partner with HR. Have your PR department partner with HR, creating an opportunity to help one another understand the culture and get the story out
Darlene Marcroft Presentation
Download Darlene’s presentation

Marcroft closed her presentation by highlighting the fact that when communication professionals tell a story about company culture, they are not only promoting the company, but they are also promoting the best of humanity.

Ultimately, it comes down to the fact that a company is nothing without its people. Make your employees happy, and they will make you happy.

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